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Selecting a Wick
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Selecting a Wick
What's New Blog
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Thank you for choosing WICK IT. We are manufacturers of wick and clip assemblies. We offer a full line of wick choices as well as a variety of clips and wax coatings. Our minimum order is 1000 pieces and our prices stand among the best in the industry.

Wick Types
Clip Types
Wick Wax
Superior 600 • 15 mm (3 mm neck) • Standard Paraffin Based – 160 MP
Premier 700 • 15 mm Long (6 mm neck) • High Melt Paraffin Based – 200 MP
Superior 800 • 15 mm X-Long (9 mm neck) • All Natural – 160 MP
Stabilo (CD) • 20 mm (3 mm neck) • High Melt Natural – 195 MP
Stabilo KST (CDN) • 20 mm Long (6 mm neck)  
RRD • 20 mm X-Long (9 mm neck)  
LX • 31 mm Round  
ECO • 31 mm Oblong  
HTP • 38 mm (1 ½") Round  
Cotton Core • 59 mm Self-Centering  
Paper Core    
Zinc Core    
Square Braid    

Everyone at WICK IT is dedicated to providing high quality wick and clip assemblies with the highest standards in customer service. We look forward to helping you to find the best wick suitable for your candles. As you browse our site, please keep in mind that we are available for any questions you may have through email or by phone. In addition, if there is any wick or clip you don’t see on the site but are looking for please do not hesitate to ask us. 

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